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Please note that prices shown with the pictures corresponds to the PRIMED-READY-FOR PAINTING panels, which are double sanded and double primed. For pricing on painted panels and all other types of finishes please download the PDF price list file. Panel prices shown on-line are for the lowest quantity orders. Please refer to the discount column below for discount pricing.

All prices quoted are the highest for small quantities from 1-24 Panels. If you need to order a larger quantity please contact us to find out about our discount program for volume pricing.


Samples of all our patterns in sizes 16"x16" are $12.00 each + shipping & handling. Upon receipt of your first order we will credit the sample charge to your order. Samples are not returnable for credit or exchange. TEXTURES 3D® recommends that clients request a sample for approval prior to having the order shipped. This will avoid surprises at the receipt of the shipment and costly returns. For custom orders sample approval is a must before a new design is put into production.


All items shown in our website are in stock and available for immediate delivery in sizes 4’x8’x15mm in a double sanded & double primed finish. Panel thickness refers to the thickness of the sheet prior to tooling and can vary in edge thickness after the pattern is carved.

If you have any questions please call us at 888-302-0920 or write us a detail question in our Contact Page.


Each panel is boxed individually to protect the finish. For shipping purposes, panels are crated at a charge of $150 per ten panels. Please note that the weight of each panel is 70lbs + 300lbs for the crating. As an example an order of 5 panels would weigh 650lbs. As such, if you do not have an unloading dock or forklift, manpower should be available to unload on the delivery day. All shipments will specify a lift at delivery and advance call upon customer's request.

SHIPPING DAMAGES: Please inspect carefully your shipment upon receipt. If you see any puncture points to the crate or damages to the side of the panel crate or boxes please indicate so upon signing the receipt of the bill of lading. In the event that panels are damaged and rendered unusable please contact us immediately. Upon receipt of email pictures from you, we will file a claim with the trucking company and arrange to replace the damaged goods. All damaged panels must be retained until they are picked up by the salvage division of the trucking company.


No returns will be accepted for any reason without a return authorization. Please write us at sales@Textures3DPanels.com and explain the reason why you want to return the shipment. If the reason falls within the categories below we will issue a Return Number Authorization that must be clearly written on the outside of the boxes. Product that is returned without prior authorization will be rejected at the receiving dock and returned to the client at the client’s expense. Return approval must be secured by writing us and we will give you a return confirmation within 24 hours.

Orders for stock items may be returned for credit or exchange with no penalties only for the following reason:

If the wrong item is shipped.

The item inside the box does not correspond to the item ordered.

Visible defects of workmanship or design. If this type of defect is found, please take a picture and email it to sales@Textures3DPanels.com.

1. For any other reasons, we will charge a 20% restocking fee for items that are returned in the original box unopened and a 50% restocking fee for items that were opened. Panels returned not in the original box will not be accepted as it is easily damaged in transit. Credit or exchange will not be issued until we have been able to inspect the return shipment. Ownership of the product will remain with the customer until the shipment is inspected and approved for restocking. Product that is damaged and not in resalable condition cannot be accepted for credit or exchange. Textures 3D will decide at its sole discretion to accept or reject a return product. Shipping costs will be paid by the client if the product returned is not subject to the above paragraph # 1.

2. All orders that are custom made to the client’s specifications will require a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed and prior to starting production and a full balance due prior to shipping the order from our Los Angeles warehouse. Since custom-made products cannot be resold, orders cannot be cancelled for any reason after the factory has begun production. If order is cancelled prior to production then a 20% restocking fee will be applied against the deposit to cover the set up and other costs involved in preparing for production. Client should consult with our order department with questions prior to placing a custom made order. Textures 3D Panels prefers to provide the client with a prototype for approval prior to placing the order. Should the client decide not to wait for a sample confirmation the order will be non-cancelable once it goes into production and not returnable for any reason. Custom made orders are not returnable for credit or exchange. Any defective products will be replaced at Textures 3D® Panels’s expense.

3. All goods are inspected at our warehouse upon receipt from the factory and prior to shipment to the Buyer. Immediately upon delivery, Buyer must inspect all goods and open boxes or crates or containers for damage if the goods are boxed prior to signing the bill of lading. This process must take place even if there are no visible signs of external damage as hidden damage due to stacking or mishandling during shipping may have taken place. This would be considered “Freight Damage” and not the responsibility of the Seller. If damage is found, Buyer must sign for the freight as damaged and the driver must acknowledge that Buyer is signing for damaged freight. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to file any and freight claims resulting from this process. Seller has no liability after the goods are shipped from Seller’s address above. . Please do not discard the boxes the panels are shipped in unless you are completely secure that no problems have been found

4. Buyer agrees and understands and agrees that the only warranties made by and binding upon Seller is that Seller warrants its goods for ninety days from the date of receipt of merchandise by Buyer against any defects of workmanship. Any damages for any production defect is limited to repair or replacement of the defective part or panel. Textures 3D Panels will not be responsible for issues arising out of poor installation.

Otherwise, seller in no manner warrants the fitness of the goods sold under this contract for any particular purpose for which the buyer intends to use them. There are no warranties of fitness for a particular purpose that extend beyond the description on the face of this agreement. Except as expressly set forth above, Seller makes no claims that the goods sold under this agreement have any particular purpose other than decorative value. Buyer assumes all risks associated with the use of the goods and their use thereof.

5. Buyer and Seller agree that no oral representations are valid and this agreement shall be the final word.

6. All issues of law arising under this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal law of the State of California. The resolution of any dispute between the parties, whether sounding in tort, contract or equity, or based upon Federal or State statute or regulation, shall be Los Angeles County.

7. Buyer waives any objection to 1) personal jurisdiction, 2) venue, and 3) service of process of any federal or state court in Los Angeles County, California.

8. Seller agrees, regardless of the order of execution that this agreement shall be deemed to have been made in California and as follows:

a) This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations and agreements between the parties concerning its subject matter. This writing is intended as the final, complete and exclusive statement of the terms between the parties and cannot be modified orally.

b) If any legal action is necessary to enforce the terms of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees in addition to any other relief to which that party may be entitled.

c) The provisions of this Agreement are severable and if any one or more provisions are determined to be unenforceable, in whole or in part, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless be binding and enforceable.



items are carried in inventory in large numbers and are ready for immediate delivery. Items shown as "Special Order-Sample Available" give a wider range of colors available for Designer & Architect projects usually that are planned in advance and do not require immediate delivery. For Special Order Samples, we can only provide ONE sample per any color chosen.


Samples are available for all colors and designs at a price of $19.95 each. Samples that are not selected may be returned for credit. Since colors on-line might differ a bit from the actual product we recommend that clients order a sample prior to placing their orders. This will avoid surprises at the receipt of the shipment and costly returns. For custom orders sample approval is a must before a new design is put into production.

Shipping and Ordering:

There's are no minimum orders. Each 15.75"x15.75" weighs approximately 1.8 lbs.