TEXTURES-3D® Gypsum Hard Rock Installations

TEXTURES-3D® / June 15, 2018

The gallery below showcases the work we’ve done installing 3D wall panels made of hard, durable gypsum. Our customers have enjoyed the different patterns, layouts, and designs we have installed. Design flexibility is enabled by the 3D computerized machining process we use for wall panels. This allows us to provide the level of quality clients have come to expect.


Machine-carved Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is used for the many panels in the ARTPOLE COLLECTION. Using double injection technology, we can create a panel with gypsum and a paintable porcelain finish. The result is a surface inspired by European artistry. Customers can further personalize the detail and craftsmanship by painting the surface any color they desire.


Continuous Pattern Flow Helps Expand the Design

Our wall paneling features a continuous pattern flow on all four sides. You’ll see in each of our examples that this allows for a seamless design when multiple panels are combined. Just follow the instructions we include with each order, and you can take advantage of the precision casting. The seamlessness and durability can last a lifetime, so your property will always be inviting and beautiful.


Installing Textured Wall Panels

Every TEXTURES-3D® panel is engineered so the pattern flows from one panel to the next. A filler compound put into the seam helps blend the joint where two panels meet. Sanded down and primed, this filler is not noticeable once the installation is complete.


Panels are shipped in a box or solid wood crate. After making sure the order arrives undamaged, move the boxes in place and remove the panels carefully, storing them vertically until you are ready to install them. Use a laser guide to ensure the panel is straight on the wall. Next, install countersunk screws in holes drilled near each corner. During installation, make sure each of the flowing lines matches those of the adjacent wall panel.


Mounting the interior wall paneling first requires inspecting the wall. Add a 3/8 to ½ inch plywood sheet to the wall if it is uneven. If using a plywood sheet, stagger the edges so the seams don’t line up with the 3D wall panels. Install panels from the bottom up. You’ll need the adhesive to be applied to the wall, while the screws will be secured to the panel rear.


The TEXTURES-3D® Wall Panel Collection Allows Unique Installations

Many prefer the wavy patterns of our wall panels. Others prefer more unique and intricate designs that set their interior apart from the rest. Customers have selected patterns as diverse as the Slope, Aristocrat, Ex Machina, Blade, Sultan, and Mercury panels. Our 3D computer engineering process allows for nearly limitless possibilities, so a given pattern can be simple and flowing or sophisticated and elegant.


We take custom orders, and you can even order samples from us today. Our customer service team ensures you’ll have every detail worked out by the time you buy and are ready for gypsum hard rock installation. From installation instructions to metallic paints, we have you covered. Click on each of our examples below for a closer look and detailed descriptions; for more information and assistance, call now at 888-316-2884.