TEXTURES-3D®: A Recognized Name in 3D Wall Panel Installation

TEXTURES-3D® / June 13, 2018

The unquestionable luxury, quality, and creativity of our interior design products have made the TEXTURES-3D® name synonymous with excellence. TEXTURES-3D® is recognized throughout the USA and Canada as an expression of modern, cutting-edge design and dependability. Our designers create collections that are unique and different, and which embody all the dimensions of impeccable taste, innovation, and superb craftsmanship to set a new standard of quality.


Our products are built to last the lifetime of your property and are suitable for both high-traffic commercial and residential installations. Descriptions of our products: wall panels, 3D wall panels, wave wall panels, gypsum wall panels, textured wall panels, decorative wall panels, accent wall panels, interior wall panels, wall paneling, faux leather wall tiles, MDF wall panels, art wall panels, and 3D walls.


Artistic and Stylish Interior Wall Paneling

TEXTURES-3D® develops decorative wall panels for commercial and residential customers, matching and impacting the client’s interior design. Our focus on texture ensures a sensory experience that redefines the client’s interior space. The impact has been seen in homes, hotels, restaurants, and clubs and retail establishments across the USA and Canada. Our various panel and tile collections are testaments to our capabilities and how far we’re willing to go to satisfy our customers.


Our 3D design capability extends to a huge selection that includes:


  • Art Wall Panels and Tiles: Hand-painted and painted/finished in bright acrylic, each Art wall panel is truly unique. We offer over 150 designs but are ready to create custom work as you see fit. A clear gloss coat lets our 2’ x 2’ wall tiles gleam with abstract artwork; with combinations of tiles, any sized works of art can be created.


  • 3D Wall Panels: Our textured wall panels, in 4’ x 8’ sizes, are precision designed with computer technology and CNC machines. Seamless designs can be created by combining panels, as we can create patterns that flow from one panel to another. Each unit is made from Medium Density Fiberboard and weighs similar to a dry-wall panel.


  • Faux Leather Tiles: A pleasant look and feel are created by a waterproof polyurethane layer atop PU leather and polyurethane foam. A 3D effect is created; non-flammable, the tiles provide effective sound absorption on top of an appealing texture for any interior.


  • 3D Gypsum Hard Rock: Our Artpole Collection consists of 3D cast fiberglass reinforced gypsum organic material panels in a porcelain finish. Inspired by European designs, each panel has a continuous pattern flow on all sides and is precisely cast to ensure a seamless wall panel set


To learn more, browse our products, or contact TEXTURES-3D® today for help choosing and purchasing in-stock and custom 3D wall panels.