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Art Wall Installation Sets


Wall Panels Shape Home, Business, and Set Design

TEXTURES 3D® ARTWALL are 2’x2′ (24″x24″) 3D wall tiles. Each one is an individual abstract work of art painted in bright acrylic colors and finished with Modern Masters gloss clear coat. Because each tile is hand painted, no two tiles will ever be the same. Tiles can be ordered individually or in sets to create giant works of art that will enhance the lobbies and hallways of hotels, apartment buildings, businesses, as well as residential homes, at what is truly a minimal cost. As an example, the feature wall shown above, comprised of 21 assorted different tiles creating a giant work of art measuring 6′ x 14′, can be purchased for $2,625.

Below are additional choices that we create from installations that we have done for other clients. The sets below were curated by our artist in residence for color balance and artistic effect. To create your own work of art, you can pick and choose from the individual tile collection. If you would like our artist to assemble a new collection for you that will display the best selection of colors, please call us at 818.346.2884 or email us at


Decorative Wall Panels Shape Your Interior Environment


A wall panel set can redefine the atmosphere in your home or business. Mix and match different designs to create a truly unique feel. We have designed each pattern using computer technology, so each design flows into the next. Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally to create any desired effect. Each panel seamlessly blends with the next thanks to smooth sanding and the use of a spackle type mix.


Composed of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), the panels are made from recycled wood and contain no formaldehyde. They comply with California’s CARB Phase 2 Air Standards. A green product, the wall panels weigh similar to dry wall and are also available as 3D wall panels with carved and sculpted designs. A guide or directional element assists installers in aligning the textured wall panels and ensures tiles face the proper direction to create flow.


Our panels help shape your interior atmosphere with artistic designs, thanks to:


  • A paint-ready surface: Panels are stocked in triple sanded and triple white primed finishes. Therefore, painting them in the desired colors is easier and less labor-intensive.
  • Custom pre-painted panels: We can pre-paint panels if the customer requests it. Metallic paints enhance the 3D effect.
  • Orders with no minimum requirements: Order stock products (primed and ready for paint), in as few quantities as you want. The minimum order is 20 sheets for custom-made designs.
  • Shipping to 50 states, Canada, and Mexico: The 4’ x 8’ 3D wall panels ship in specialized crates. Shipping costs vary, but each unit is crated to avoid damage during transport.


Interior Wall Paneling Sets the Mood


Believe it or not, color and design can set a tone that impacts the mood and energy of employees, and the sentiment of customers. Bright colors such as red can make a message stand out; in some cases, it has been associated with higher sales, particularly in the food industry. Blue, on the other hand, is soothing and stimulates the mind. Creating a calming effect, it can boost productivity, so blue paint and designs for decorative wall panels can help workers get more done.


There are connections between yellow and creativity, and green with reduced anxiety and perceived wealth. Warm bright colors (red, yellow, pink, orange, or beige) invoke energy. Cooler bright colors (azure, lavender, or silver) invoke a sense of professionalism, while cold dark colors (blue, green, navy, violet, or turquoise) offer a sense of quality and ambition. Warm dark colors (brown, gold, or purple) present a sense of luxury and tradition. You can use white, gray, and black to create contrast with other colors.


Textured wall panels can therefore create the mood and feeling you want in your home or office. Submit your information online, order a wall panel set from our website today, or call 888.316.2884 for help finding the ideal interior wall paneling.

Artwall Installation

Artwall Installation #19

Size: 6' x 21'

Price: $2,625

Artwall Installation #1

Artwall Installation #18

Size: 6' x 24'

Price: $3,000

Artwall Installation #22

Size: 6'x18'

Price: $2,250


Artwall Installation #21

Size: 6' x 14'

Price: $2,625.00