TEXTURES 3D® is a collection of seamless sculptured 3D wall panels that can convert any surface into a living work of art. TEXTURES 3D® wall panels are computer designed to be carved with German precision CNC machines in a process that can take many hours. The patterns are computer designed to flow from one panel to the next on all four sides so that they can be made “seamless”. The panels are available in size 4’x8’ (1220x2440) and thicknesses ranging from 5/8” to 1”. Once installed the panels will last the lifetime of the property.

MATERIAL COMPOSITION: TEXTURES-3D®  seamless wall panels are made out of “MDF” (Medium Density Fiberboard) sheets from recycled wood materials including pine and eucalyptus and they conform and comply with California’s CARB Phase 2 Air Standards of no added formaldehyde, making it a green product. The panels have similar weight as standard dry-wall panels.

WEBSITE CODES & PICTURES -  The colored panels shown in our website are a representation of how the panels look finished in a range of factory and locally applied colors. We only stock white primed ready for painting panels and the prices quoted on the products page is for white primed-ready-for-painting panels.  For a color chart of our Textures-3D Metallic Paints refer to our color guide under Metallic Paints. For volume discounts and prices for other finishes please contact us at 818-346-3480 or email us at Sales@Textures3Dpanels.com.

PATTERN FLOW & SEAMLESS INSTALLATION:  all of our MDF  3D walldécor panels  are computer designed so that the carved & sculpted pattern designs flow from one 3D panel to the next. The panels will align perfectly one next to the other and will come with a directional with a guide taped on to the front of the surface to ensure that the panels are all facing in the same direction and thereby creating pattern flow on all four sides. Following the installation instructions all panels can be made "seamless" so that no break or lines show between the panels.

PATTERN FLOW –  ALL of our patterns are computer designed and tooled so the pattern seamlessly flows from one panel to another. The repeating seamless pattern panel designs are only available in sizes 4’x8’. The panels can be installed vertically or horizontally to create the desired effect.

SIZE:  All TEXTURES 3D® wall panels come only in size 4’x8’ which equals 32sq ft per 3D wall panel unless otherwise specified. Thickness ranges from the standard 15mm=5/8” to 25mm=1” on in-stock designs. Most of our 3D panel range are shown on pictures exactly as they come in that size. We also offer in custom orders with variable thickness of 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm with 15mm to 25mm as the standard for stock items. Do note that thickness impacts the depth and look of the tooling pattern so a minimum thickness is required for each design and not all patterns can be made in any thickness. Please consult with our customer service department for more information by calling 818-346-3480 or email us at Sales@Textures3Dpanels.com.

PRIME FINISH-READY FOR PAINTING STOCK COLOR -  All  3D panelsin-stock are ready for immediate delivery in a triple sanded & triple white primed finish ready for painting. All painted 3D panels shown in our website are for display only and do not represent the actual stocked color of the panels. We do not stock raw MDF panels. We do not recommend that panels be ordered “raw” unless the final effect is a stained wood type finish. Raw MDF panels require an extraordinary amount of labor and time to sand down and apply the primer so that paint takes evenly on to the panel, as such we strongly advice to order only sanded & primed panels if your intent is to apply a paint finish.

CUSTOM PRE-PAINTED PANELS -  If a "seamless" finish is not required, we can pre-paint in any standard specified standard house paint like Sherwin Williams or Dunn Edwards or any color in our full range of water based metallic colors by Modern Masters. Panels that have been pre-painted cannot be used for a seamless installation because the process would damage the paint finish. Please note that all of the panels colors shown on our website are painted with water based metallic finishes because metallic paints enhance the 3D effect.

MINIMUM ORDERS & CUSTOM ORDERS -  We have no minimum order requirements for our stock products in primed ready for painting finish, or the full range of painted colors, but for custom designs the minimum order is 20 sheets.
PRICING -  Pricing shown on our website is for a full size panel measuring 4'x8'x15mm to 25mm, which equals 32 square feet per panel. To arrive at the "per square foot" price divide the listed price by 32. For example: a panel priced at $315 would cost $9.84 per square foot.

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SEAMLESS INSTALLATION: all Textures 3D panels are computer designed so the pattern flows from one panel to the next. The “seamless process” is similar to that of dry-wall/sheet rock except that there’s no taping required. To make an installation seamless, a thick spackle type mix like Flexall by Dap is applied at the seams and then sanded smooth. Please refer to the detailed installation instructions on our website.

PICTURES:  on our website show exactly the panel in size 4'x8'. To get see close ups of each design click on the picture.

SHIPPING: We ship to all 50 states, including Alaska & Hawaii, as well Canada & Mexico. Shipping prices vary from time to time. Because of the 4’x8’ size of our  TEXTURES 3D® wall panels they cannot be shipped through carriers like UPS or Fed-Ex and must be shipped through trucking companies. For an exact price quote of what it would cost to ship to your location, contact us in writing and we will email you a reply with the exact shipping cost. The panels can only be shipped fully crated to prevent any transport damage and the crating charge can range from $85-$95 depending on quantity.

Pattern flow is described as being Vertical or Horizontal. Please note pattern flow below:


INSTALLATION GUIDE -  It is strongly advised that the installation instructions be read through BEFORE starting work on the project.