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All our MDF panels are made from recycled materials

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Textured 3D Panels – The In-Thing! - Are you redecorating? Explore the world of 3D wall textures before you decide how to dress up your walls. 3D wall panels from Textures-3D® add a fresh and interesting focal point to a room. These decorative panels promise to transform plain interiors into spectacular spaces.

Give Your Rooms Ambiance - With the new textured 3D wall panels, you can let your wall set the tone for the rest of the room. A nice coat of paint is no longer enough, not when you have a stunning range of alternatives. You can install a single 4'x 8' panel as a work of art as your focal point or use several 4' x 8' panels to cover one wall completely. And by following the installation instructions, the joints can be blended so the panels give the impression of one solid wall of texture. The panels are made with Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), each measuring 4'x 8' x 15mm. They are computer designed so patterns flow seamlessly from one panel to the next. You won't know where one ends and the other begins. After installation, the panels can be painted in any color or finish of your choice.

You can also be creative and think outside the limitations of the 4'x8' panel. Textures-3D® can provide you with panel tiles in size 12"x12", 16"x16", 24"x24". In fact, the panel can be cut in any size to meet your requirements.

Exotic Look within Your Budget - A textured 3D wall is no longer exclusive to expensive hotels and beautiful old renovated houses. At Textures- 3D®, the focus is on beautiful and exotic interiors for both homes and commercial establishments at affordable prices. It is amazing what the right 3D wall panel can do to a room. When you choose the right color and texture, you can make a large room appear cozy or a small room appear spacious. Before you settle on a design and color, do a bit of research on the effect of colors on a room. Understand that what looks good in someone else's home need not necessarily look good in yours.

Use Technology - For ideas on how to decorate with textured wall panels, you can visit the installation section of our website or simply run a search in google for more installation ideas. You may like a wave wall in white metallic accentuated with lights, an aqua color to symbolize ocean waves, or an earth tone to bring the feeling of waves on the sand. Being that Textures-3D® wall panels are made out of MDF, it is easy to hang pictures on them or use the entire wall as a work of art.

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